One Direction son Air Steward por 1 día en British Airways

01.11.2012 15:16

We're used to seeing One Direction crooning away on stage and making Directioners scream/cry and collapse.

One Direction become air stewardsOne Direction took to the skies for charity. Copyright [Rex]So we were a bit surprised to see that One Direction have gone for a bit of a career change, becoming air stewards for the day.

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One Direction donned their best uniforms and did all the air stewarding stuff, like pushing trollies and making announcements over the tannoys.

Zayn Malik was on trolly duty and seemed a bit of a pro as he dished out food and drink for passengers.

One Direction's Harry StylesHarry Styles took charge of announcements over the tannoy. Copyright [Rex]Harry Styles and Niall Horan took to the phone to make announcements, and both Harry and Liam Payne even managed to nick the pilot's hat.

However, the 1D boys aren't making a permanent career change. Their stint as air stewards was actually for charity.

One Direction boarded the private plan with fans (how lucky are they?!) who had won tickets and helped raise £50,000 Flying Start - British Airway's charity partnership with Comic Relief.

One Direction's Zayn MalikZayn Malik took over trolley duty. Copyright [Rex]Ah, so the boys are not only fit and talented, but charitable too. Could they get any more perfect?

One Direction recently revealed that they're currently deciding which new single to release.

Niall Horan explained: "We actually haven't picked one yet."

Louis Tomlinson continued: "We're going to be picking it very soon, very soon. There's two or three... there's about three songs that are all good contenders."